Preserving the art of Khmer natural dyeing, Khmer Artisanry

Khmer Artisanry was found in 2012 by young Khmer entrepreneurs. Khmer Artisanry committed to keeping technique of natural dyeing and traditional pattern of silk and cotton fabric production in order to revive the Khmer tradition of the mystery of light in naturally-dyed silk fabrics and cotton scarves handmade in traditional hand-looms while preserving cultural pride and improving rural life.


Traditional silk clothes are usually used in wedding ceremonies, traditional festivals and royal ceremonies. Khmer people can weave many kinds of silk products with different decorative patterns which are extracted from trees and other materials.
Silk 1

Silk 2(2)


Yet being inspired by creativity and diversification of traditional styles and techniques, Khmer Artisanry weavers are now taking up a more challenging weaving approach when they start to produce these naturally dyed and handmade ikat 100% cotton scarves.These ikat cotton scarves are exclusively available at Khmer Artisanry.

Cotton 1
Cotton 2

Good Design Award 2014

Khmer Artisanry won the G-Mark Good Design Award 2014 on October 1st, 2014. Khmer Artisanry products are acknowledged by Japanese and Korean experts and recommended to be introduced at international markets including Japan and South Korea.
Good Design Award 2014

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