Bokato, Cambodia Martial Arts

Bokator is a Khmer martial art that was the combat system used by the ancient armies of Angkor. Unlike kick boxing, which is a sport fighting art, Bokator was a soldier’s art, designed to be used on the battlefield. Bokator is said to be the earliest systemised Khmer martial art, second in age only to the Mon-Khmer style of yuthakun khom (Wikpedia).

There is a Bokator training school operated by Grand Master San Kim Sean, who has contributed to the survival of Khmer traditional martial arts and is founder of the Cambodia Bokator Academy.


Currently, the Cambodian Bokator Fed­eration also plays an important role to support Bokator in Cambodia. The Cambodian Boxing Federation, the Cambodian Bokator Fed­eration and the Yut­krom­khorm Federation of Cambodia signed an agreement to teach soldiers hand-to-hand combat. “We will put this program into all the military units across the country, and also the school for cadet officers,” said Lieutenant General Manet, who is also deputy president of the Cambodian Bokator Federation.


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