Government Puts an End to Public Smoking


Ministry of Tourism, on Wednesday, announced that the smokers who smoke in any places where the public gathers will be fined for 20,000 riels (around $5). The law will be effective from September 16.

According to Mr. Hor Sarun, an undersecretary of state at the Tourism Ministry, most of tourist do not like smoking. Banning public smoking would attract more tourists. And it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism to educate and enforce the law.

The establishments are required to post the anti-smoking signs and must not allow smoking within 5 meters away from the entrance, otherwise would be fined 50,000 riel (around $12.50), and could lose their operating licenses, he added. The ministry, along with local NGOs, will use media and workshops or public forums to raise awareness and educate the business owners and their customers about the new law.

While the ban seems to be a good news for public health, it also gives the drawbacks if it was not done properly. In fact, it would discourage the investment and could change the direction of potential visitors.


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