Press Release on Launching Ceremony of the Results Foreign Direct Investment Survey 2014

On 28 July 2016, a ceremony was held at the Hotel Cambodiana to launch the Results of Foreign Direct Investment Survey, 2014 under the collaboration between the National Bank of Cambodia and the National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning. The National Bank of Cambodia and the National Institute of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning signed an official agreement on Foreign Direct investment Survey on June 02, 2015. This survey was conducted over the period of September 2015 to January 2016. This Survey has a sample of 124 companies, factories, and enterprises covering the field of foreign direct investment in Cambodia.

The Launching Ceremony was presided over by Her Excellency Neav Chanthana, Deputy Governor of NBC with the participation of representatives from the main relevant ministries and institutions of the Royal Government, the private sector, NBC officials, NIS officials, the Ministry Planning, international agencies, development partners, Chambers of Commerce, and researchers, etc.

The Survey Results are very crucial for NBC and the whole economy since they are used to compile Cambodia’s Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics which are critical elements for setting Economic Policy, formulating Strategic Development Plan, Globalization-related Research Studies, etc. In addition, the survey work was an offer of a good opportunity to specialized officials of NBC and those of NIS for human resource development and to ensure close cooperation and exchange of practical experiences as well as for sharing their mutual knowledge.

There are two presentations made to the ceremony: (1) presentation on Survey Process and Methodology which focused mainly on Selection Method and Survey Sampling, Preparation of administrative papers for conducting the Survey, and the challenges of the survey work by NIS’s representative; and (2) presentation on the Findings of the Results of FDI Survey 2014 with the special focus on the results obtained from the survey work and supplementary estimates on backward revisions to FDI data that has been previously published down to 2010 by NBC’s representative.

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