News Summary for 05-08-2016

Bringing Cambodian art and culture to the youth

Fewer young people are studying fine arts, instead drawn to courses that promise better earnings. The result, say some – a deficit of cultural knowledge.

If two youths are walking down the street, one with a guitar and one with a traditional instrument, people will look at the one with the traditional instrument and ask, ‘What are you doing?’”

Loggers allege police beatings in Kratie

Timber smugglers who mounted a raid on a police station in Kratie Town on Wednesday to reclaim impounded wood claim they were beaten during the initial seizure the night before, with at least six badly injured.

Firms flimsy on corporate governance

Cambodia has an opportunity to improve its corporate governance, addressing issues in this field that are increasingly important to international companies considering investment, an official from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has said.

Prime Minister Puts Island Projects on Notice

Prime Minister Hun Sen used his Facebook page this week to order his government to revoke the project licenses of companies failing to develop islands off the coast of Cambodia, or—worse—trying to sell them off to others.

Angkor Temple Dress Code Now in Effect

At 8 a.m. on Thursday, Lin Sampho picked up an Australian tourist from a Siem Reap City hotel to take her to the Angkor Archaeological Park for a morning trek through the site’s ancient temples.

Refugee Deal Alive and Well, Ministry Says

Australian Ambassador Angela Corcoran and Cambodian Foreign Affairs Minister Prak Sokhonn reaffirmed their two countries’ commitment to a controversial and unpopular refugee resettlement deal they struck in 2014, a spokesman for the minister said on Thursday.

Villagers Protest Sugar Companies

Nearly 100 people representing 147 families from six villages in Koh Kong province protested in Phnom Penh yesterday to petition three government institutions and the European Union (EU) to help resolve their land dispute with Koh Kong Sugar Industry (KSI) and Koh Kong Plantation, a dispute which has lasted for about 10 years.

Refugee Deal Dead in the Water

The new Australian ambassador to Cambodia praised the Kingdom yesterday for taking in refugees from the island nation of Nauru, where Australia has controversially held refugees against their will in appalling living conditions in an effort to stop others from seeking asylum there.

PM Discusses Airport, Taxi Station

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday ordered the cancellation of all documents related to relocating a taxi station in Kampong Speu province and also refuted talk of an airport being constructed in the province.–taxi-station/

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