Cambodian tourists traveling abroad is increasing

Cambodian tourists traveling abroad is increasing


According to the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, the number of Cambodian tourist going abroad almost reached to 700,000 in this first half of 2016. Compared to the same date last year, the number experienced a 26% growth. The number increased from 533,014 in last year, January to June in 2015, to 699,654 in the same period this year.

This number of Cambodian tourists traveling overseas was high and this was mainly due to the economic growth of the country, said Kong Sophearak, a director of the Tourism Ministry’s department of statistics and information. The average income of Cambodians was increasing and because of that, they could afford to travel oversea.

In July the 1st World Bank move Cambodia up a level from “low-income” to a “lower-middle income” country. Cambodia’s GNI per capita for 2015 was $1,070, according to World Bank Group(WBG) figures published on July 1, 2016. That is $45 above the ceiling of $1025 for low-income countries for the WBG’s 2017 fiscal year.

Ho Vandy, secretary-general of Cambodia’s National Tourism Federation, pointed out that on top of traveling abroad, Cambodian tourism also took the chance to explore new business opportunities and have medical checkups. Furthermore, as flight tickets are getting cheaper and no visa requirement within the ASEAN region, travelling oversea is very appealing to Cambodians.



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