South Korea plan to help build “Smart City” in Cambodia


South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, and Cambodia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) last Tuesday in Seoul.

South Korean is planning to help construct a so called “Smart City” in Cambodia with the uses of its advanced information technology and eco-friendly infrastructure. This “Smart City” is to be build in Preah Sihanouk province, however the exact location is not yet confirm whether it would be situated in Sihanoukville itself or other places.

With an area of 2,536 km², Sikhanouk province houses a population of nearly 200,000 citizen. It is also the home to Cambodia’s main deep-sea port. With this new project, Sihanouk province will experience rapid development in infrastructure as the current state is still undeveloped.

An official from the Korean ministry said “South Korea’s experiences in dealing with urban issues, such as water management, with the help of ‘smart’ IT, will surely provide a solution to Cambodia as it has to cope with unsustainable urban development at the port city.”

This project will also provide affordable houses for low-income earners which resonate deeply with Cambodia’s last year public housing policy that seeks to build affordable homes for lower- and middle-income class people.

This project agreement between the two countries will begin in August the following year.



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