Constitution Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia

The Constitution is the supreme law of the Kingdom of Cambodia. All laws and legal documents of the Kingdom of Cambodia have to be in conformity with the Constitution; otherwise, they are unconstitutional.

Understanding the significance of the Constitution, the Secretariat General of the Senate, the assistant on administrative, judicial, and technical works of the Senate, in concert with the senior legal advisor to the Senate, with all seriousness and attentiveness, have initiated an improved translation into English and French including all amendments. It should be noticed that the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia enacted by the Constitutional Assembly on 21 September 1993 was officially promulgated as of March 2008 (July 1994, March 1999, July 2001, June 2005, March 2006, February 2008). Separately, an additional constitutional law to guarantee the regular process of the national institutions was promulgated by a Royal Decree numbered NS/RD/001 dated 13 July 2004 (with article 6 amended in 2006).

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