Cambodia ranked 100 on Human Capital Index

June 29, 2016

Cambodia ranked 100 on Human Capital Index based on The World Economic Forum’s Human Capital Report. The index takes a life-course approach to human capital, evaluating the levels of education, skills and employment available to […]

Cambodian Product, Chay Mao Mondulkiri Coffee

June 25, 2016

Chay Mao Mondulkiri Coffee is Cambodian product made from organic coffee beans taken from the coffee farm located in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia. There are two package types, 250g, and 500g. Chay Mao, the owner of Chay […]

AKIRA – Cambodia CNN Hero

June 22, 2016

Pol Pot period, known as the darkest period of Cambodia, had destroyed the nation to nearly zero point. Within the period, landmines had been laid to kill opponents in war. After 3 years and 8 […]

Elephant Tour Along the Jungle of Mondulkiri

June 21, 2016

Ever wanted to go on an adventure with wild animals? Ever wanted to trek through the peaceful jungle with your family? Or maybe a wild animal beside you to company the journey, like an elephant? […]