Cambodia and Russia Nuclear Talks

August 19, 2016

Last Wednesday on 17th August, Cambodia and Russia had a discussion on plans to develop nuclear energy. This is the second meeting after the previous one which was held at Friday 12th of August. As […]

Funeral Procession of Dr. Kem Ley

July 24, 2016

Dr. Kem Ley, 46, was Cambodian political analyst known for his criticism of the government. He was shot on 10 July 2016 in a convenience store at a gas station in Phnom Penh. Since 1998, he […]

Open Cyber Talk 2016 at American Intercon School, Toul Kork

June 12, 2016

Open Cyber Talk is public forum used to discuss the freedom of speech by using information technology in Cambodia. Open Cyber Talk 2016 is held today at American Intercon School, Toul Kork. Open Cyber Talkវេទិកាអ៊ិនធឺណិតបើកទូលាយ […]