Cambodian Ancient Mega City Uncovered By LIDAR

June 18, 2016

In a quick glance, the jungle surrounding Angkor Wat seems innocent. The greenish leaves and branches sway peacefully with the wind. The jungle beautify the temples, contrasting the golden stone with viridescent vegetation. Surprisingly, what is underneath this […]

Cambodia’s Tentative World Heritage List

June 17, 2016

In the previous article, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cambodia, we have already described the official UNESCO world heritage sites in Cambodia. Besides those nominated properties, Cambodia also has other properties under consideration for nomination. Here […]

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cambodia

June 15, 2016

Cambodia is a country located in the South-East Asia region, on the land that is extremely rich in culture and history. These two are the heart of Cambodian tourism, which played an important role in […]